The moneymen

Bankers, especially IBs, conjure up fat pay checks, astronomical bonus and 80+ hours workweeks.  It’s interesting to know how much salary do the CBs, central bankers that set interest rates are being paid around the globe.  Ben isn’t on the top!  Ben Bernake, the US federal reserve Chairman since 2005 only receives US$191,300, 4.1 times of American GNP per capita. 
$874,474 to Joseph Yam, Hong Kong Monetary Authority since 2005, 46.4 times HK’s GNP. 
$562,004 to Bank of England’s King since 2005, 12.6x
$533,035 to ECB’s Trichet since 2004, 18.0x
$432,883 to Germany’s Weber since 2004, 12.0x
$245,664 to Sweden’s Ingves since 2005, 6.9x
$272,672 to Norway’s Gjedrem since 2004, 2.9x

And Benny can be dismissed by W. for any reason.  Wondering if the government provides him housing .. ..

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