The drug card

I’ve long heard that Americans use drugs.  All kinds of drugs.  Good and bad.  The first time on the Beautiful Country’s soil, I saw Drug Store signs everywhere.  Despite my poor English, I think I wasn’t mistaken ‘drug’ for candy.  I wasn’t.

Now there are slew of companies just to manage your drug purchases.  Geee, either I’m not there yet, or just don’t get it.  What’s wrong with paying for drugs?  Needing a company to manage it?  Generic drugs $5 at the participating retail pharmacy for up to a 34-day supply, and $30 for preferred brand-name.  Wow, even in drug we’re talking about brand names.  For home delivery program, up to 90-day $12.5 for non name and $75 for a brand.  50% off for non-preferred brand-name ..  Should I start to get to know all of this nonsense??  US out sources all the productions, and left people with nothing to do, so they complicated daily chords to justify for investing/inventing new services.

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