Gov Peterson reimburses campaign $253

images.jpgThe new New York governor David Peterson has reimbursed his campaign committee $253 for the two hotel trysts he had, one night in November 2002 and second in April 2003. 
It’s so remarkable that he could find such cheap hotels in NYC! 
Ok, it’s been a good five years, but still two hundred can’t really get you far in New York. 
Is this why he came clean in fear of potential blackmails?  Spitzer paid little may.jpgmore, but to prostitutes.  Thought about Prince Charles.  .. .. Americans maybe good tippers at tables, but they don’t seem to be good sugardaddies, 🙂  uhrrr.. the feminists .. .. and hypocrites!  I’d rather have Spitzer who can afford to pay.
US often demands human right and democracy around the world, can China demands the white men keep their pants on – or at least not being caught with pants down? Just admit they have the same urge or need like anyone else, and frankly are doing it nevertheless?

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