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coral 2010I just received this in the mail .. that I have a maintenance fee past due of $2,662.30, with a timeshare resort that I sold nearly a year ago. What’s the matter with this Reba management? Haven’t we settled this back last November? It doesn’t seem anyone is managing this company properly, at least effectively.
And the Sun and Seas is still calling me for the freebie they’re offering: free 3 nights stay in a two bedrooms condo in Hilton Head: this sweetener is meant to try to get us to buy a full timeshare, when in fact we dumped a full time share for it.
Couple of days ago, a girl called again, asking for Sun and Seas’ annual due: $139. She sounded very professional. I let the conversation going a bit because she exhibited good salesmanship and talked intelligently.
We purchased this Sun and Seas last February and remembered it was $99 annual renewal.
She quickly checked and said, oh, the $100 was for the automatic with credit card on file and that’s why she called early, due to the discount that soon to expire.
I just don’t get it: I could have lower renewal rate without a bother than to renew early with a discount.
coral detailI told her that I might not keep the membership with Sun and Seas. She asked me why. I told her that recently I booked a condo in Hilton Head for a friend and family through RCI, and it’s cheaper than Sun and Seas’ listing price.
In fact, we only used Sun and Seas once, in Boston: paid 4% cheaper than Other times, it wasn’t cheap at all, so we booked elsewhere.
She didn’t want to give up, pressed me for where we are going next.
San Francisco. I randomly picked it.
“Ok, let me do a search and will get back to you.”
It was last week. I’m sure she’s still working at it. Whatever.

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