Soul man

Long long time ago when I first heard about affirmative action, I joked to Golfer that should we had kid, I would name him/her (Washington, Williams, etc. don’t exactly telling you anything ..) Gonzalez, Lopez, etc. Next day he came home with a video: Soul Man.
Guess Irene isn’t a genius. Someone already thought of it and even made a movie out of it.
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Fast forward to 2010. Last week King brought home this sheet – it was given to the class by his teacher at high school. He loudly announced that
“.. you’ll get extra point for being black .. extra point for living in a poor area .. ” Not sure its a prank or 20-years old.

This brings to mind the college night two weeks ago. Our high school invited few colleges reps, its juniors and their parents to an informative evening. The representatives took turns speaking about what their school is looking for, how to apply, etc. One of them specifically talked about an essay a kid in the neighboring school has written. The rep fondly recalling .. “he loves baseball .. he plays it .. would coach it after his own practice .. the essay is very simple. There isn’t hardship or drama in his life. Pure baseball. I like the simplicity of this essay ..”
Is he fed up with those extra points being showered upon lucky few or he’s just telling us to be real?

Every dog has its own day. It is so true.

Even in China, we have so called ‘affirmative action’ that the government is helping the minority, which gets very little coverage in the West… Ok, let’s drop this topic.

Back to college admission: my only advice is – don’t let something you have no control affect you. It’s pretty random, so don’t stress out.

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