The pecking order

There is a well-established pecking order of prejudice in western Europe [mostly geographical]. The British look down on the French, the French look down on the Italians, the Italians look down on the Spanish, the Spanish look down on the Portuguese – and everybody fears and ridicules the Germans.

..  Well said

There are plenty pecking orders going around, such as right/wrong section of a city, hip towns in a school, cuisines, professions and industries ..  There is a marquee in every field.  We can stereotype a race or profession, but when it comes to a singleton or an individual, you’ll have to just to deal with it/him/her very individually.

Hollywood movie stars are glamours, but China has prejudice against  戏子.  Still remember actress Liu Jialing’s cancelled wedding in the 80s?  Her well established future in-laws won’t let their son marry her.  Bankers, lawyers and doctors are sure better career choices than truckers and prostitutes, but Jim Kelly drove himself into the CEO pit from a package delivery driver, and Coco Chanel drew on resources from her patrons to build the long lasting fashion empire, and mmmmm .. the No. 5.  And there are in fact army of bankers/lawyers/doctors who can’t make the cut.  We all sort of despise the salesmen.  Sure there are cheap lousy salespersons around, selling second hand shoes – ok, I’m over the board here, let’s make it 2nd hand car, happy now? – but there are mega million salesmen that Jamie Dimon is dangling more than $500,000 as bonus to lure the best (of Bear Stearns) to stay put.  I’m merely to say that it takes talent plus hard work, maybe timely luck to succeed in a given profession, and every field has its top dogs, even in prostitution and sales.  Aren’t we all at one time or another a mild case of prostitute and salesman?  Disagree?  Let’s start with Billary.

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