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Jan 19, 2010I pass by Sanford Avenue in Flushing often, took this picture the other day. I used to share a small apartment on the ground floor (on the right hand side) of this two family house with my roommate.
Actually when I lent money to her, I didn’t really have any clear view as how it should be returned, or even expected it to be repaid. I was just so happy to be able to help her out. Grandma Lucy once said if she were to lend some one money, she usually did not expect it back. It’s her away of giving away. I didn’t think I would give it away but she could have definitely kept it as long as she needed it.

Well, she probably did.

Do Asians tend to borrow money more than other races? The last time I lent money to was to a Filipina co-worker who’s habitual gambler. At the time I didn’t know. I felt so sorry for her – how humiliating for someone who has to open their mouth to ask for $ – that I even invited her for dinner and handed her the money in an envelope, over-looked her impatient for the dinner and eagerness for the few thousand that she came for. She promised to return as soon as next payday. After prolong time – third pay day has lapsed. Golfer asked about it. So I thicken skin, went to ask her. She looked rather nonchalant,
“Oh .. that .. I’ll get to you when I have the money ..”My face must have turned color. One of girls in the office asked me what happened. We were pretty close so I told her. She’s from London, with her thick Brit accent, she said,
“Oh dear .. that .. ” She knew all about Madeline’s gambling problem because she once was her lender too. Money was returned eventually. Golfer told me .. no more playing banker, ok?
What’s the saying in the bible? Neither a borrower nor a lender be ..

Would I borrow money? Sure: when I’m low on cash, in between now (like impromptu dinner with few players after the game in a restaurant that doesn’t accept credit card – I normally don’t even bring cash with me) and the ATM machine. I often forget to check how much cash is in the wallet since everywhere accept the plastics. Does this constitute as borrowing? I think so .. but I knew I would repay the moment I see an ATM machine.
There is a difference.

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