A Georgia peach

Larry Flynt’s Hustler, a men’s club by the Hudson River employees fairly good looking girls.  Most of them are from Eastern Europe.  Some of them are lively, out going, playful; and some looked like they’d rather be somewhere else. 
It isn’t a glamour profession, but if that’s the only thing you could do, you should put on a brave face doing it, to make a living.  The likelihood the sour faced girls probably couldn’t make good candidates in other fields.  There are prostitutes that have goals, knowing what they wanted out of life, out of this brief steppingstone.  Once they hit that benchmark, they’re out, moving on to other things.  Have a plan and execute the plan.  The girls retired as secretaries probably are the same as the sour faced girls in the club.  Although I see nothing wrong being a secretary and retire as one.  Thank god that not every one is motivated to move up.  It would have been much harder to compete when the field is too crowded, :). 
One of the girls came to lap dance was from the state of Georgia.  She’s very beautiful and carried herself nicely, properly.  I just don’t think anyone would want to treat her as a prostitute, even she’s half naked.  She talked intelligently with good diction. 
Instead of asking if I could touch her (casue I saw other men were not touching the girls who gave them lap dance), I altered it to “can the dancer be touched?”
“No.” She replied.
Something’s wrong here. Having a beautiful half naked woman dancing in your lap yet you were not allow to do it back to her. Hmmmmm .. the Americans are funny. From Mars perhaps?

It happened I ran into her in the bathroom few moments later (the bathroom wasn’t top of the line, actually was a drab and kind of dirty).  At first, I felt a little embarrassed.  But she was all business, said hello.  I couldn’t help but asked why was she there, and then feeling utterly dumb.  She looked at me from the mirrow as she was putting on lipstick, answered (perhaps hundredth time?) serenely,
“Well, I have dental school tuition and rent to pay .. .. I like bags too.. ..” she held up her little LV makeup purse. 
No, I didn’t follow up on her.  But I would image by now she’s gotten her dental license and moved on?

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