How much a legal US residency – green card – worth nowadays?   EB-5 is a federal program, it’s either $500,000 (for investing in a business in a rural or high unemployment area) or $1m elsewhere.  Gee, I gave up my green card for nothing, 🙂 gosh, should have kept it.

There were few such families from China.  One came to US via Singapore.  The husband ran a successful TV shopping net work in China before the copy cats caught up, and almost bought out by the SoftBank.  “I wanted to spend the Christmas and New Year with my family here, so delay the closing.”  When he returned to China after the holidays, the Internet bubble burst.  They moved few times within the same town, but eventually left for Texas, helping his brother to start the dollar store.  Their former nanny contacted me few times, looking for job, saying the family is in CA now.  Another family flushed with questionable income, the husband is on the wanted list by China (so no return for him).  The wife met someone on the Internet and remarried. 

Chinese describe well-off as 殷实, abundant and solid.  It implies a sense that they work hard for the money and in a gradual fashion, they behave accordingly.  The fast money conjures up coarse manner with mismatched social network.  One family threw parties after parties, practically inviting strangers, trying to make connections.  In the beginning, the invitees and or neighbors would come.  They were curious, wanted to see the house and decor .. .. or maybe even actually to make friends.  In the end, it wasn’t the case, mostly.  Like wisdom would say, you can buy a house but not home, you can buy dinner companions but not friends.

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