food stampI understand that every one inadvertently, one time or another would or could fell on hard times. And making fun of people’s misery is not a decent thing to do. I have no intention of doing so; and let’s not debating what layer or shade of so called ‘hard times’ is, as how to define ‘hard times’.
DSCN3562Living on Nothing but Food Stamps was on last week’s front page. The lady looked pretty well-heeled, so I thought here comes another Tricia Walsh-Smith. But no, looking closer, the lady who had six-figure income prior was quoted as saying that food stamp’s the one thing she can count on every month — she knows the children are going to have food.

DSCN3570That’s terrible. How did that happened? How could that happen? Why should my tax $$ going to support people like her? Where’s one’s responsibility? I feel Ms. Bermudez is no different from stock speculators: when the stocks are sky rocketing, they’re all smiles and when the market tanked, we will hear from them crying fault. That’s not right. Any kind of investing carries varying degree of risk. Want to be certain and safe? T-bills. Remember, all the big traders stash better part of their hard earn or easy earn $$ in t-bills because they don’t want to deal with the risks which they knew well.. they might still trade for the thrill but only using small part of their fortune. Enough of this.

Lately, a pretty cat’s been visiting us a lot. Actually it looks well-fed, bit chubby .. (hence my blabing about). S/he stays by the front door and looks inside intensely. When I opened the screen door, she doesn’t even want to move – I’d think she would run away – I have to use the door to nudge her away a bit so I could squeeze out. And she prefers milk over water. On New Year’s Day, it was cold and snowy, I went to my neighbor’s house begging for food, cat food. What a way to start a new decade. King is allergy to cat, so that’s end of the story. I might build a little catty house?

Isn’t s/he cute? Someone is very comfortable out there, enjoying sunbathing ..
isn't s/he cute Someone is very comfortable out there Enjoy sunbathing .. Hey, the sun is gone ..

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