Collage (Le Orme album)

If you don’t like progressive rock, speed up to 1:50 mark and listen. Scarlatti (Giuseppe Domenico, 1685 – 1757) modernized. Both Golfer and King play this piece: Lee’s favored. This Italian band used the correct instrument to play: harps cord. During Bach (Johann Sebastian 1685 – 1750) era, piano hadn’t been invented.

Many rock bands or (bands period) have used classical melodies to enrich their music. I’m only wondering why don’t they use more, do more?

Think about it: those ancient composers had left countless elegantly constructed and beautifully written pieces, and no one would knock on your door to collect royalty – look what Sharon Osbourne would do to not pay ..

In 1986, Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake sued Osbourne for unpaid royalties, eventually winning songwriting credits on Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. The 2002 reissues of these albums saw the replacement of the original bass and drum tracks of Daisley and Kerslake with new ones by Osbourne’s then-current drummer Mike Bordin and bassist Robert Trujillo. Osbourne’s wife and manager, Sharon, explained the re-recordings in a press conference: “Because of Daisley and Kerslake’s abusive and unjust behaviour, Ozzy wanted to remove them from these recordings. “We turned a negative into a positive by adding a fresh sound to the original albums.” Daisley and Kerslake denied the allegations of “abusive behaviour” and continued to battle for royalties owed them for their work on Blizzard of Ozz, but their case was dismissed by the US Supreme court on May 3, 2004, putting an end to any future potential litigation on the matter.

1. Collage — 4:42
2. Era Inverno — 5:00
3. Cemento Armato — 8:08
4. Sguardo Verso il Cielo — 4:12
5. Evasione Totale — 6:56
6. Immagini — 2:58
7. Morte une Fiore — 3:00

total time 34:33

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