Two China dolls conquered Dubai

IMG_5010.. .. With their qipaos.
My new cyberspace friend Lady Qipao (in pink on the right in this picture) has followed her husband to Dubai, set home there and started an online business: selling qipao and suits. I’ve never been to Dubai. The only times I think I visited that area was when the Hong Kong flights made short shop overs for pickups/drop offs/refueling on the way to Europe. I don’t remember which city it was but plenty Arab men in capes/robes/shieks were around – like the Darth Vader, sooo the ignorant Irene assumed it must be some where in the Middle East, or within that vicinity. At that time, The Iran–Iraq War was in full force and I was wondering how come I didn’t hear any gun shots .. -:) .. jk ..

Back to cape .. Lady Qipao was thrilled that ..

I [Lady Q] made wedding Qipao for my friend, she got married in Dubai on December 4th, really different feeling, her husband like the Qipao so much, even want to put the Qipao on the wall! I feel so happy for my friend.
I think to let you know and share this feeling with you, and attached photos for you too

.. another qipao lover. She couldn’t wait to tell me.

Wedding(19)Leah the bride wrote that she’s been in Dubai for 5 years. I don’t know if she’s engaged all those time or dated and gotten married while in Dubai. Single Chinese woman in the Middle East .. I thought about my distant cousin Dachun, whom I met once, through my genealogy. She’s in her 70s and very hyper. During the dinner, she entertained us with her adventure in the Middle East 20 some years ago. According to her, many young princes in their 20s and 30s proposed to her, professed undying love .. .. Very romantic. She’s working as a tour guide now (or five years ago).

This white wedding dress by Lady Qipao is striking, don’t you think?

A bathing suit, a tennis skirt and a qipao, I’m a happy man. That’s all I need!

Pls take a closer look at the priest or holy father or wedding official who’s wearing sandals!! In the land that manufactures 7 stars hotels? Or he’s doing as a jobber, a part timer?

Hey, girls, tell me about your life out there .. All the best wishes for this holiday season. Qipao rules.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Irene, what a wonderful article you wrote! Your experience about Dubai, Middle east is less, but almost include features of Dubai, Dubai is a transit City for international flights, every 4 minutes a flight take off or landing to Dubai, Dubai airport operation day and night, Emirates airline is one of the fastest growing airline in the world, and it is a Dubai company. No wonder you stopped in Dubai for a while.
    A lots Chinese, girl or boy, lady or man, they are doing tour guide in Dubai, do you know UAE just sighed a agreement with China that UAE is a tourist destination for Chinese overseas travel, now you know why a lots Chinese tour guide here, also Chinese can not speak English so well, most Chinese, for business or leisure they always need a guide for their exploring Arab
    The last, there is local culture, that men like to wear sandal or the type similar shoes, I guess it is easier for pray, which is Islamic culture here. The priest has lived here a long time and he get used to the culture, don’t you think so ?
    Take care

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