Yizang’s new home

zpfile001Shanghai is hot. So red hot that Obama spent a day there ..

People like to joke that to non Chinese – a.k.a. foreigners, Shanghai is China but to Chinese, Shanghai is the foreign land.

Apparently Yizang couldn’t resist the calling, so he moved down there too, taking up a marketing directorship at a Swiss company.
Keep Yishi company ..
He’s set up a home there already. Although Yishi’s been working/living there for over a year, I bet she hasn’t set up her pad yet .. ha ha ha .. hey, girl .. you now zpfile000know where to go for dinner.

Save me some dumplings …
The Expo 2010 Shanghai 2010上海世界博览会 is coming soon ..

.. .. Enter Mrs. Clinton, who made her first trip as secretary of state to Beijing in February and was eager to talk about trade, climate change and the North Korean nuclear threat. Instead, she got an earful about how bad it would be if the United States did not have a presence at the Shanghai Expo.

Dreaming ..
Dreaming more ..
.. Only if I could convince my kids ..

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