25 vs 50

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     A French maid?          In Switzerland?  Dupre, the girl who’s with Client #9, and his wife.  25 vs 50.

Wall Street rejoiced (might not because of his demise .. but applause were erupted around trading floors on WS) with a largest spike in five years yesterday.  So the Harvard law isn’t as good as Yalie law?  Bill Clinton is still standing tall with a score of g/fs behind.  Bill is a charmer, he doesn’t show his arrogance, and he’s better looking with an open face when Eliot looks very sneaky and meant.. :).  The only victim in this scandal is Silda, the wife.  She looked horrible at his side on Monday, a smart Harvard lawyer reduced to an embattled sagging little wife??  Didn’t Hillary look better at Bill’s side when he confessed his sin to the nation?  Can’t Silda choose to do something different than Hillary, rather than stand by her philandering husband?  It has to be the most comical scene.  Does a man being viewed kinder with a mistress than with a prostitute?  I think there is a different. And I think repeating on the prostitute is just low.  Can’t he buy her out, stash her somewhere in a penthouse, especially in light he doesn’t like condoms. I would like to think that Spitzer’s resignation was from straying away from his platform, the moral holder, the sheriff of WS.. .. He is outright stupid and arrogant to do such thing, there are lot of people would be watching his every steps.  I wont be surprised the little money movement that attracted authority attention wasn’t an accident, was actually someone keeping a tab on him, a very tight rope, for he had pointed finger at way too many people with equal resources, power and influence.

It’s pathetic, 50 years vs 20 years old.  Reportedly he’s been using the Emperor’s Club over a decade.  (Client #2 is a Brit, a Duke.)  When will US make prostitution legal?  Would women be better protected, both the working girls and the wives?  Did Emperor’s Club do a girl like Ashley Alexandra Dupre from a broken home a service?  She wasn’t forced.  The media shouldn’t drag her into this or her ticket to fame?

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