Blind Faith

Winter wonderland
A pair lonely ghosts chairs
A pot head
A bird cage house
A birdy Jacuzzi bath

a pair DSCN3188 DSCN3207 DSCN3206
The first snow storm of the season assaulted us last Saturday, the day we had our tennis annual fund raising party. I took the Jeep. As soon as I started the car and the wipers began to swipe, there were something weird: two lose string-like pieces or willowy things were wiping alongside of the wipers. Apparently the wipers needed to be replaced. I don’t drive the Jeep often – prefer smaller car. Suppose it’s my problem.
On the way to the party, the weather was manageable. But after 10pm, the snow had piled up, crumbling the speed on highway, LIE to 10 miles per hour.
Image the rest.
Last month, Golfer told me that the inspection sticker is about to expire in 2 days. So Irene took it to renew. The mechanic Joe joked,
“How come you have a car with expiring sticker every week?” I just took the other one last week.
Then he looked at the sticker,
“Don’t you look at it? It’s valid till end of December.”
No, I didn’t look nor question him .. If he says 1, I wouldn’t dare to mutter 1.25 and if he randomly points at north I won’t even glimpse toward NE ..
I have total faith in Golfer. Blind faith.

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