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I must have passed Dr. Jeffrey Rubin’s office and his little white singling million times without actually noticing his name, or noticed his name but without committing it to my limited memory.  His office is over looking one of the parks where in the summer time, concerts/bands were often held.  When I rushed in – forgot the appointment till they called, one girl was on her cell in the foyer, one girl was on the phone with Dr. Rubin by her side and Pat, the hygienist was waiting.  It’s a comfy no frill solo office in an old building.  He’s slim, tall with a deep tan and a glass.  Perhaps is in his late 50s or early 60s, with a non nonsense manner.  We exchanged quick hello and I was ushered onto the chair in a small room, facing another building
The small office is identical to any other dental office.  There is a black and white narrow photography of Eiffel town by Ralf Uicker.  Under the Language on the insurance website, his office indicates French.  So I asked Pat if he’s French or speaks French?  
“Dr. Rubin?  No, it’s so typical Jewish name .. but yes, he speaks French.  Not like us, forget it once we left school.” 🙂 
She took a full mouth x-ray that shown up on the laptop and later gave me a copy.  She fit on the bib, brought out the tools for poking in my mouth .. all the while the phone conversation was still going on.  And he got on the phone with the caller.  It smell so my town.
“I bet she’s my fellow villager.”
“Oh yes,” Pat rolled her eyes. “It’s so difficult to practice here.”
I ear-dropped the girl and the Dr were repeating themselves over and over again.
“How old is she?” I bet she’s old too.
“In her late 50 or 60.” Pat wasn’t sure. Accurate enough for my judgement.
“I can’t believe she’s fighting with us over her insurance. It won’t cost her a penny, but she is fighting.. ..”
“Ms. xx, this is courtesy that I .. ” in a bit hardened voice and soon he hung up and told the girl,
“Send it to the collection.”
Pat and I looked at each other.
“She’s horrible, always brings trouble. He’ll be cranky for the rest of the day and we’ll have a hell to pay today..”
“Oh … I’ll be nice to him” I volunteered.
“No, he won’t be cranky to you.”
“I’ll smile a little.” then thought about my missing 10, “sorry, can’t do that .. with the missing tooth, it’s ugly ..”
“Don’t worry, he’ll be happy seeing something for him to fix.” business instinct or professional hazard?

After the cleaning, Dr. Rubin walked in.  Looking at the chart and x-ray, he first asked why did I pull the #10. 
That’s the story I loved to tell, 🙁  JK. 
“Once upon a time … I met this charming prince .. an unethical dentist a long time ago.” 
He examined me as part of cleaning, told me to come back for consultation. 
I initially asked for a free consultation – not so much a full medical consultation, rather than few minutes of face time to see if we could work together.  Some doctor does some doesn’t.  He’s the later.  So I decided to do a cleaning instead. 
He commented on the implant, by standing, stood by the chair where I was laying
‘Here is your gum’.  He then walked back three or four steps out of the door,
‘Here is your implant.’ 
I was silent, I knew this.
“I can make a temporary one, let you see what a permanent one would look like.” 
That bad? So complicated

After few moments, I asked if the surgeon can open it and adjust the implant, moving forward a bit. 
“It’s not that easy. ..  .. Come back another time, I’ve a patient waiting” 

He’s rather curt, and didn’t forget to remind me that I was late.  Late was a too nice a word, I completely forgot about it.

I reached Dr. Moss for help.  His first word was have I done it, did Dr. Linsky do it .. he spoke to Dr. Linsky while I was in his office the last time, explaining how it should be done.  What I needed is a customer abutment .. I told him that I’m still shopping for a dentist. (I really didn’t like Linsky’s hygienist ..) He commented that flippers are hard to make, shouldn’t judge a dentist by it. 
“He seems totally understand what’s needed to be done when I explained to him .. I almost visited him since he’s in town .. ”  No, he doesn’t know Dr. Rubin either.

Has my fairytale made me overly precaution, being a pain on the neck?  Wasting my time shopping for a dentist?  So Dr. Linsky and or his office only return half of my few calls, so the flipper isn’t fit perfectly, so he lost my bridge, so the new hygienist is so undesirable .. ..  I don’t have a perfect answer.  But what I’ll do is go to the consultation next week, have him talk to Dr. Moss and get a second opinion from Dr. Moss.

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