Pumpkin vermicelli

Pumpkin vermicelliI recently found this pumpkin vermicelli at the local grocer in Flushing. We love it: regular cooking, in soup or with hot pot. It cooks quickly. The small individual packs are handy, no messy break ups.

Bawang Hua is from Guangdong province. What does 地理标志保护产品 mean? Geography mark protected product? Now I’m really Chinglishing. Here is the government site, born out of ?? Pre baby formula scandal or after?

Bawang is a rather well known brand from Sichuan .. ha .. Chuan Bawang 川霸王? Hitchhiking on this spicy name or it’s been there for decades just poor me never saw it?

This morning I was in the mood for sesame paste with sugar – Golfer likes it with his hot pot hence I have it. Hey 哥们儿 buddies, still remember this? Ate with 馒头 mantou, the steamed bun/bread, or pancake? Not sure it’s different paste .. hehehe .. or my fading memory, it tasted not as delicious as I remembered. We’re too jaded now. The Tianjin’s famous delicacy meat buns 狗不理包子 gou buli was so great that when my Dad took my cousin Steve there for dinner, he became sick for eating too much. Aunt Jennie wasn’t pleased. When GBL opened its door here in Flushing, aside from its lousy service (I ordered the pickup and when I got there the buns weren’t ready. The woman scolded me, “我们才不会蒸. 你不来怎么办?” .. We won’t steam it. What if you don’t come? .. Well, they did not stay long .. .. Wrong mentality.) the buns really weren’t that tasty. Too many foods/dishes are competing for our tiny stomach now.

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