Call Senator Schumer

Dear members,

Attached below is about discrimination of employment-based green cards for Chinese nationality.
I hope all of us can support the change of this law.

David Y. Zhang MD, PhD
President, Association of Chinese American Physicians.

It was good to make your acquaintance on the phone just now. Here is the basic information which you requested. Please don’t hesitate to email me to answer any questions.

First, the issue: An obscure provision of US law enacted in 1992 openly discriminates against people born in China based on their national origin, in the allocation of employment-based green cards. Each of the world’s nations has a ceiling of 9,800 employment-based immigration visas a year (that is, green cards, not the H-1B or similar temporary visas), EXCEPT for China — which gets 1,000 less than any other country.

Second, who we are and what this is about: this obviously unfair but virtually known part of the law was discovered last year by the Legal Immigrant Association, which is an organization founded by people just like you — Chinese students and professionals living in the United States, who want the green card system to work better and more efficiently.

Third, the ask: we are asking the Chinese students and scholars organization at Binghampton — and every other university in New York State, indeed, across the country — to contact Senator Schumer directly, through his NY State offices, to urge that he include Senator Gillibrand’s bill to repeal this last vestige of anti-Chinese discrimination from American immigration law.

Robert Sun [email protected] and Bing Li [email protected] are the two LIA leaders who are organizing this effort nationwide. Please, let them know that we can count on you — because, as we discussed on the phone, if Chinese student organizations like yours do NOT speak up now, Congress will simply conclude that it is okay to continue unfairly reducing the numbers of employment-based green cards for people from China — and ONLY from China — as this law has done for many years, and will continue to do until well past 2020.

LIA is a small but growing grassroots organization — and this is a very big issue in a very large, comprehensive debate about immigration policy. We hope we can count on your support, and we look forward to working with you soon.

Again, please don’t hesitate to email any questions you may have.


– paul d
Washington representative, Legal Immigrant Association

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