East Manor Restaurant

East Manor on 12/17/200946-45 Kissena Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 888-8998

It was closed by the New York City Health Department recently and was opened soon after. I passed it by on Thursday 12/17, it was business as usual.

This is the venue for our year end tennis party for the past few years. Over the years, we dined there, regular dinner, dim sum, hot pot, take out and party .. .. the food/dishes have been ok: decent but nothing special to write home about. However, the last tennis party there .. the food was thin and awful, and service was non exist. I ended up had three bowls of fried rice! The chicken was dry, the yellowish yi mian noodles 伊面 (?) – my favored – was saggy. The red bean soup was good thou.

Hmmmm .. why did it close by the health dept? Due to unsanitary or what?
DSCN3173DSCN3170food was thinthe dance King and his bella
Three kids sat at our table, two were high school seniors. The waiters didn’t bother to serve the food nor changed our plates .. .. the kids attacked the food like refugees and piling up their plate full and high, very uncouth. I don’t know if their parents ever teach them manners. I just couldn’t picture my children doing so .. they do ask if they could take the last piece on the plate and say excuse me before leaving the table.

so sexyAunt Jane likes to dance and is great at it – years of lessons. We were thinking the formidable weather would yield the dancing floor empty. Wrong. Packed to the tee. When arrived, little before 7pm, the room was pretty full, and few couples were already dancing. As soon as we found our table, Jane said,
“Let’s go dance.”
My legs became soft.
I lost my knees.
only kiddie would dance w/ meWanted to please her. I braved to the floor and was being dragged around the floor liked an elephant. No, more like tuna b/c elephants have legs. Only the unsuspecting kid would dance with me .. It’s so cute, I took my camera with me to the floor .. .. She, like an adult, confiscated it by looping it on her left arm and, straighten me – a straying airhead – out, and continued our dance. All the while said nothing. Guess I’m a camera terrorist.

The 高潮 high of the night for Jane was when Xiao Lee (thanks a ton) – our Prince of Dance (by the way, his tennis strokes are handsome too. Yes he’s on my team .. go figure .. so is the girl in the above killer boots .. ) spinning her around. She lives very close to Alley Pond Park and said she’s going to take up tennis .. he he he .. I knew I had the charm .. oh no no no .. Irene .. Sean is going to expect calls .. ha ha ha .. JD ..

Jane’s last word to me before I dropped her off after the party,
“Come with me .. Learn to dance .. ”
Am I going to? Nay.. un-teachable. I’ve learned so many times, it’s not even funny.

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