Gov Eliot Spitzer

I bet Sandy Weill and Richard Grasso, etc. went out to celebrate tonight.  So much for the savior.  I never thought Eliot Spitzer was Eliot Ness kind of guy but an opportunist.  He found a fast track to political stardom and went with it.  Clean up Wall Street?  Give me a break.  How many cases has he closed?  Cleaning up politics?  Let’s me get a room service first.  Spitzer is arrogant and stupid, Bill Clinton sure didn’t have to pay $4,300 for a hour or a night.  Spitzer should resign because of his rightous image he cultivated.  Give NY back to the Republican who would do something positive.  The democrats are just ruining it.

While on the subject, why doesn’t US make prostitution legal, as well as drugs too?  Designates an area for the prostitutes to make a living.  Giving the risk both health and career, Spitzer’s dumb enough not to keep a Monica.

One American skipper gone to Beijing for conference.  He commented that at Peninsular hotel, there were prostitutes lingering around subtly.  Asking if he took one, he replied resoundingly, “absolutely not.”
We were surprised.  “Why not?”
“You mean in front of my peers?  Of course not ..”  Guess it’s taboo to take a call girl, however high or low.

A while ago, a friend of Rita who’s traveling to China often.  He bragged about call girls in China.  “If you get caught, the authougity would stamp da yinchong 大淫虫 – ‘big obscene worm‘ on your passport.  ..”  A badge of honor for him.  I’ve never seen his or any-one’s passport with that imprint.

It’s interesting to note, while travelling in Europe, I learned that the American women have lose/bed hopping reputation.  But came to US did I realize how prudish this country really is.  You can cheat on your biz partners and be forgiven.  But not on your wife or family.  Hillary is exception.  Btw, she and Obama been at each other’s throat, insulting each other, calling names .. can they be running mates?  One thing for sure is they’ll endorse each other. So politic prostitution is fine.

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