Tiffany & Co. 蒂芙尼

I got my Tiffany’s credit back this Monday, on a merchandise card.  Gee, if they issued me a card instead a paper slip seven years ago, they might not have to go thro this much trouble.

Talking about stores, Macy’s is pretty good.  The last time I needed to returned a dress I bought for Pumpkin (she didn’t even look .. ok she looked abut didn’t even bother to try .. ) but forgot to bring the receipt.  The clerk said, no need .. he fished my record out right off the register in just couple of seconds.

Pfaltzgraff is neat, they find my a/c thou the caller ID, without asking the customary question, as your name/address/phone, to verify .. which can be very annoying.  A lot of companies just don’t get it.  They drill on it.  Banks I can understand, but like cable company, what do you need that for?  .. .. Ok, I’m off to shopping, before I lost it again .. be good and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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