Few clues that you’re old

man.jpg <- my actual look and with the falling vision I see this ->  wrinkles.jpg

I’m getting old, I think, 🙂
My eye sights are falling. Hmmmm it’s good in a way, that I don’t have to deal with my wrinkles …
I can’t remember things that’s important – well, this symptom had started occuring in my 20s .. hehehehe .. Now I found few more sure hints to add ..

pot.jpg1. when I see some pretty girls and all they have it going for them are their youth (who’s more pathetic here?)

2. my pork belly is bulging out horizontally.  It used to be flat as if not enough skin there .. now abundant, too muchy .. lord my pot belly !!!  Don’t look down to avoid being upset, 高瞻远瞩!

Oh well … check back often, I shall add more as I’m getting older day by day.

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bio info .... mmmm ... still working on it ... will add soon ...
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