Agent or No Agent?

When selling your home, do you employ an agent or DIY – do it yourself? I guess this isn’t watershed – you do what you feel like, at the moment.

The other day I saw a report indicating that one of my neighbors whose house was sold more than what they initially asked for last October, by an agent. Last summer the wife called me up asking if I know anyone who would buy her house and gave me her asking price. Just happened, few days later chatting with a friend who said
“Yes, one of my friends is looking ..” She went on to explain that her two friends are really close. One has moved and the other one would like to follow her, moving into town too. I gave her my neighbor’s phone and address.
What I didn’t know was that her husband just obtained his real estate license. He came to look. He told my neighbors that he’s an agent. The neighbors frown on him.
There’s a right way or nice way to do business thing .. but this isn’t among them. In any case, I wasn’t pleased.
But apparently they got an agent – not the husband. Perhaps the agent convinced them, who knows. The house was sold in two month, in October 2009 at 1.03% above their initially asking price – I don’t know what’s agent’s commission; would guess about 3%? In fact, no one would know how long would take it to sell by owners, especially in this kind of market condition we’re in. My neighbors certainly felt lucky to get ride of the house when they wanted.

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