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More dentists.  Dr. Moss’s mission is accomplished.  Now all I need is a dentist to actually put in the tooth, crown (?)  I’m not too happy with Dr. Linsky.  Calls to his office get only 50% return rate (I don’t think I’m the right person to lecture them about customer service.  But it is.  I don’t wish to rub salt on them, but Pls change your attitude.)  And I’ll have to call again at specific time to speak with him.  Look, I never expect a doctor takes my call 24/7.  But I do expect my call to be returned  at his/her earliest convenience.  The flipper he made for me isn’t a perfect fit.  I understand he has a lab to do the dirty job, and it’s only a temporary.  But what if he uses the same lab to do my tooth?  I should think twice.  I think I have bit experience with flipper, because I had one during the last implant and it fitted perfect.  Why did I throw it away is stupid and beyond me now.

So the hunt for a new dentist begin.  Happy to report, I found a pediatric dentist (two drs sharing an office) next door to the orthodontist in town.  The office is upbeat, very busy, cheerful and on time, with comfortable warm decor.  The staff are great too.  Dr. Elizabeth Kitsos is young and cool.  I loved the Nike sneakers she wore.  After the cleaning, she pulled out the last baby tooth (Linsky poked around it for so long and never done anything .. to be fair, he said we should visit an orthodontist first.. she said in any case it’ll be her to pull it..).  So my practice with a string on a door nob isn’t needed any more.  I mentioned that one of our pediatrician located on the 2nd floor and the girl said yes, they treat Dr. George Kovacs’ kids too … big happy family.  What’s odd is there’s a stack of booklets on whitening.  In a pediatric office?  Oh well, what do an old/outdated bag know.

Dr. Robert Panzer actually was recommended to me by Bar a while ago.  Last year, I finally convinced my kids that orthodontist might needed.  We visited few in town, and consulted Dr. Schupak too – my long lost love.  But considering the monthly adjustment kids needed to make, someone in town might be more convenient. 

Dr. Kowan was one of the drs I consulted last year.  For some reason, we couldn’t make the appointment.  When he called back to ask if we wanted to re-schedule, I said not at the current time.  Before I could ask if two month down the road, he hung up on me.  Another dr who’s daughter is in the grade with one of mine.  They both have home offices.

Dr. Robert Panzer practices solo.  His staff are young, pretty and fashionable, with a no frill office.  He’s likable (James Levine and Isaac Stern comes to mind) and said he won’t treat kid that’s younger than 7 – that’s how long I’ve been told by Dr. Linsky and one other, couldn’t remember the name.  ..  Everything being equal, I’d rather choose a doctor that isn’t working in his basement.  Same effective as Hillary injecting $1 m (or was it $5m?) into her own campaign, showed commitment?  It might be too early to tell, but the first impressions were great with both doctors.

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