nic kidman in qipaoKid you not, I’m the only woman who’s obsessed with boobs. Was I born that way or am I being Americanized?

I like Nicole Kidman and thought her Chanel #5 commercial was classic (below). I really have tough time to reconcile the two pictures. Why did she have to wear something so tacky, with two bums resting on her chest? Does she need to gong li 拱立 her boobs the way 巩俐 does?

Nic looks exquisite in qipao but I found the one with a chest hole less attractive. Although it’s body-hugging but Qipao is 含蓄 reserved. The beauty is in its subtlety. I can stomach the open shoulders style (actually I don’t oppose it) but not the open boobs like this pic (to the right) here. It takes away the elegance. Saying less is gold more 沉默是金, showing less is more too.


A Chinese lady from Dubai found my site and we began to correspond – meeting people online is easy. After seeing Nic Kidman in qipao on my site, she went to google, found many and post one on her clothing site. Selling qipao to the Arabs is quite some thoughts, amusing I have to admit. And she is doing it with great relish. You go girl! Have fun! The lady is from China (from Harbin?) and living there with her husband due to his work.

Kidman n #5 Chanel #5 is Chanel #5, I love it no matter what and no matter who is marketing it. But hoped they execute it right, which I think they normally do.

An interesting story here .. see how serious we take our perfume! Someone needs to get a life.

Nicole Kidman accepted damages from The Daily Telegraph newspaper Friday for falsely reporting she had breached the terms of her promotional contract for Chanel No. 5 perfume. Details of the settlement weren’t disclosed, and the 40-year-old actress wasn’t in court. Her lawyer, John Kelly, said Kidman suffered considerable embarrassment and distress over the report.The newspaper’s “Spy” column reported last month that Kidman carried a bottle of a competitor’s perfume while she was in London to promote her new film, “The Golden Compass.”Kelly said the newspaper had determined the source of the report had invented the story.He said The Daily Telegraph agreed to pay Kidman’s legal costs and “substantial” damages. Kelly said the actress intended to donate the damages to the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

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