Know what’s the newest and hottest real estate in the world?
Leap Fish
One of its salesmen just called, trying to sell ad space on its site. It’s permanent, life time: one time fee. The renewal after one year is 5% of purchasing price.
“One guy from New York just bought $46,000 worth of space and he said he’s going to lease them out.”

It’s reverse marketing.

Here are some companies that purchased the spaces and availabilities:

Ambit : 1st position $3,135; 2nd position & 3rd position are sold out

TXU: 1st position $2,600, 2nd $1,200, 3rd $800

Reliance: $2,400, $1,100, $800

Con Ed: 1st $1,100

Nicor : 1st $900
.. ..

According to Wiki, Leapfish: Search and social network.  The site was launched a year ago; the new user face was 1 month ago.

The salesman explains that each search engine differ:

– Google on popularity

– Yahoo on content

– Bing on newer site

– AOL is more of a provider

Google charge per click, $2 per click plus monthly fee

He stressed that you can lease, rent and even willed the ad space to your children. Hmmmmmm … Only if the site could last that long.

Here is what Tech Crunch has to say.

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