Catch me if you can

Tennis is fun, and remember it is just a game.  It’s not like we’re playing at the Wimbledon or US Open where million dollar prize money is on the line.

It’s remarkable hearing few weekend hackers misbehaving. They would travel that extra mile to elude or ignore the authority after they were warned or suspended from the league.   The crimes were mostly steming from wrong ranking –  sizeable players insisted to play at the level they did not belong – usually lower (how does one feel winning over a kindergarten?) or punching someone on court.  The Local League Coordinator (Metro) is strong willed lady who said she’ll find out and chase you down, no matter how difficulty. 

One man wanting to play so much, after being suspended, he changed the spelling of his last name and joined the league again.
“How about a photo ID?” I asked, thinking last season the 3.5 team had doubt of a player they’ve never seen.
“Don’t even go there.” The LLC lady replied.  So that can of warms are save inside.

USTA has rule requiring the former collegiate players rank at least at 4.0 level. One lady perhaps likes to win too much or work too little, she used her maid name. The LLC lady caught her by comparing pictures and info from few web sites .. that included her wedding announcement on her alumni site.

One case involved private investigator. Not sure who paid for the investigator’s service.

It seems most arguments are around ranking ..

For a ball park ranking, LLC said she just figured this formula out:
2.5 = you barely could get the ball over the net – that sounds awfully like Irene, on a good hair day.
3.0 = you have some form of control, you can hit the ball to the corner/line by a yard.
3.5 = you have good control and hit the ball to the line by a foot
4.0 = you have great control and hit the ball to the line by six inches
4.5 = you can place the fuzzy ball near the line by an inch
5.0 = by an hair
5.5 = on the line
6.0 = Jonny Mac will be calling you [I add this cause couldn’t remember what she said any more .. my bad .. ]
6.5 = Pete Sampras’ calling ..

It was very entertaining to hear from Lady LLC directly but unfortunately neither my mouth nor hand could keep up with her. Be assured someone is trying hard to keep the weekend hackers happy and the game we all love fair.

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