Mall is the way to go

My FOB moment. It was 1986, freshly off the boat from Hong Kong. My roommate’s boy friend came visit from Canada and took us shopping for household stuff. Fortunoff was it. It was a weekday during its famous White Sale or something, and was packed starting from the parking lots. Circling around for hours [ok .. I was overboard here ..], finally we were able to secure a tiny land to give our tried auto a much needed break. Getting out of the car, I saw a shinny BMW to my left and right was a subdued Jaguar in dark green. I must add that the older models of Jaguar were spectacular, with elegance and style. Lean and lithe not like nowadays ones that I always mistaken for a Hyundai, a dinner roll.

I remembered thinking: why the rich people came? According to Hong Kong culture [at least back then] one would be dead if caught at a sales.

Mall and Sales are very much daily vocabulary in the USA. People are found of gong to malls and buy during a sale. Now brick malls are not exactly vanishing but the cyber malls are popping up everywhere: my time share exchange company RCI is getting into the fry.
Mall, is the way to go, either on the ground or in the air.

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