As I was writing about siheyuan and hutong, thought about Marketman I once visited for ube, because his pictures are great, I envy his ability when it comes to taking pictures, like the Hutong restaurant in Hong Kong.  Every time I wipe out my little Casio, my supportive family would moan, object and turning their backs to me – thanks a lot.  How can I conjure up a good tactic for taking few shots during a meal, especially in a very up scale one, and convince my family that I’m not a terrorist, 🙂 ..

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  1. Marketman says:

    Just tell your relatives, if the waiters or managers raise an eyebrow or ask what your doing, they are to respond, “she is a respected food blogger and is considering doing a post or review of your restaurant” – and that should shut them up real fast, or at least get you good service. My standard answer is, “I paid for my food, you mean I can’t photograph it?” and Mrs. MM and The Kid know the drill… 🙂

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