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The new illumination has drawn upon us. Really. The 60w lighting bulbs that use on 14 watts of energy usage are flooding the market. Few years ago, they were like aliens that LIPA gave out quota.
According to the bulbs, there are day light, soft white and bright white. And yes they are color coded. The comparison of the lights is depicted in the picture below (on the left). The left most is the day light.
Green = closest to the nature day light and are in demand the most hence cheaper
Red = soft white
Blue = bright white

The package claims that each bulb lasts 10,000 hours, has 8-900 light output in lumens and is guaranteed for 9 years.
What am I suppose to do when 8 and half years from now and my energy saving bulb goes kaput? Wait, I used my Amex card to purchase which doubles warranty. So let’s be conservative, say 17th years from now on?

The red packaging gives specific figure: save up to $184 ($46 each x 4 bulbs in the package) in energy costs, based on 3 hours overage use per day and assumes the cost of kilowatt is 10 cents per hour.

How much does your electricity company charge?

same bulb different shades different shades

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