What’s wrong with this picture?


Bloomberg L.P. has billions in revenue and 280,000 customers for its sophisticated financial software.

And they’re into small niche by introducing player-evaluation software for baseball teams.
They do whatever they could and want. But I have qualm with this picture:

The Bloomberg L.P. president Daniel L. Doctoroff, center, with the engineers who developed software for baseball analysis. They are, from left, Stephen Orban, research and development manager for Bloomberg Sports; Jay B. Lee; Angela Sun; and Bo Moon.

Why does it have to be a white manager leading a team of Asians? Are we Asians really dumber?

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2 Responses to What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Clarification says:

    Angela Sun is Chief of Staff to Bloomberg LP President Dan Doctoroff so in reality, she is higher up on organizational chart than Mr. Orban.

  2. Thanks .. bit careless reading between the lines. It didn’t say the 3 Asians in the pic are under Orban.

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