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A home town boy Steve A Cohen is once the revered name on Wall Street: who doesn’t know the King of hedge fund? The New York Times even had a picture of him brunching with his wife at a local deli.

Unremarkable looking guy with a remarkable risk taking appetite that rewarded him handsomely. Now, the New York Magazine reported some sordid stuff.

The obligatory sodomy sessions, golden showers ..
“You’ll have to give me a blow job if you want to make that trade.”

This was man on man: a newbie trader Andrew Tong had to endure his boss, portfolio manager Ping Jiang, over the course of a year. Mr. Tong stayed because .. needing the job? I just can’t figure it out why a normal human would let this abuse to go on for a year. Does that fat pile of money justify this level of abuse? Mr. Jiang seemed a lunatic and closet gay. It’s so unsympathetic for me to say this, but what did Tong want in return? He wasn’t in a bent, was he? Each of us has leverage and freedom. It wasn’t like Tong was being abducted. What was his story for the year long saga?

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