Beijing Duck

It’s crepe you creep.  Should this be done inside of the kitchen?

It’s crepe you creep. Not very appetizing. Shouldn’t this be done inside of the kitchen?

Peking Duck is on of my favored. Can’t have enough of it. But the problem in New York is, first the duck isn’t right. And secondly, the 薄饼 baobing thin pancake – crepe, is being replaced by fat (leavened dough) bread. It’s so wrong. I could understand the wrong duck – America is a free world even it’s poultry enjoys more freedom than the Chinese one,

Were the animals humanely treated? Did they have a good quality of life before the death that turned them into someone’s dinner? .. Did your turkey get to live outdoors?

hence produced different kind of ducks .. but the crepe is inexcusable. Oh I miss the authentic Beijing Duck.

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