New traffic pattern

Kissena BlvdIt took me a few times to realize that a new traffic pattern has taken effect in the heart of Flushing: No turn from Kissena Blvd onto 41st Ave – from Main Street now.

I am slow, need time to digest. Surprised I haven’t gotten a ticket yet. How Flushing is going to survive when all those new buildings are done and open for business? A side from residential, there are BJs, Target .. as if Flushing doesn’t have enough stores.

When Benetton outlet store first opened on Main Street @ Roosevelt Ave, in the mid 1990s – the sign was up while renovation. I remembered thinking to myself: what’s Benetton doing in Flushing? They opened for business on a Saturday – it was so busy, they ran out of credit card slips. I was there shopping and heard the girl manager hissed her employee to go to the travel store across street for more slips.

Guess I’m not in marketing, don’t know any better.

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