A few good (loving) men

Bloomberg made it official that he’s not running for the White House.  Guess he’s too good a friend with McCain?  McCain for a time almost bottom out of the race, now suddenly he’s the front runner.  The demo lawyers are fighting it out.  Replacing her camp manager, picture (of his Somali outfit), injecting her own money (showing off her hubby’s new earning ability?  Showing the donors her own confident?  They’re certainly not poor any more, didn’t have to room up with their rich friends for vacation .. but Perot she’s not ..) .. The desperate housewife looks increasingly desperate.  Every time her beloved husband mutters a word, her rating would race to south – maybe he doesn’t love her all that much.  The last time I looked at an apartment in Beijing, I was increasingly uneasy: too expensive to live there.  So hopefully she’ll lose or I’ll have to either eat my word, or move to Beijing live in poverty.

I’m just wondering, those two oratorical senators, while they’re spending 24/7 campaign for nomination, who’s tending their day jobs?  Shouldn’t they resign from senate before running for the next gig?  It is so silly that should they lose, they can still go back to their old job.  Sport doesn’t play like this, right?  Why would politic allow such unfair play?  Are they being paid as senator?  If so, I think we have every right to ask them to return the salary.  Accountability.

I would have voted for Bloombergover McCain.  A practical entrepreneur is what  just America need at the moment.  If he can built a globe dominating company, it’s likely he’ll restore US to the center stage.  A politician?  Sounds so stale and yesterday.  Globalization is the world now.  He sure won’t be in any-one’s pocket. ..  I just can’t bear to see a dark lip (smoker!!!) living in the White House

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