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My name is Nikita Guo. I am an only child born in Lanzhou, China. I moved to Shenzhen with my parents, and experienced the splendid economic reform of China in the 90s, during which I fell in love with the show La Femme Nikita and gave myself that English name. After 12 years in Shenzhen, I pursued my college education in a small Texas town called College Station. It was a transformative experience. After I graduated, I started my real adult life in New York City, a truly amazing city that has countless to offer. This blog is the story of my life; it talks about things I encounter and thoughts that I have during my new life at MIT.

This is from her blog on Don’t know how long it will be available.

28yo MIT Chinese student Heng ‘Nikita’ Guo found dead at her home in Cambridge, US

It’s so unreal.

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