Golfer asked kids casually,
“Have you thought about what would you like to do when you grow up?”
“I know, I want to be a caveman.” King replied with a big grin.
“You already are” his daddy countered.

“I have a second thought about becoming a teacher.” Pumpkin said as matter of fact.
“What’s the ’second thought’?”
“Hmmmm … I don’t know.”
Ok. Which colleges would you like to go? Daddy asked.

“I know three. I’ve heard a lot at the camp.” King announced with enthusiasm. Kent was the tutor school I dumped them there for the summer.
“Ok, let’s hear it.” Daddy said.
“Harvard, Princeton and Stuyvesant.”
Can’t blame him for trying. There are lots of Stuy students at Kent. Pumpkin counted with her left hand, “Harvard, NYU, is Cornell also a college? Oh also Hofstra …” Kids started their swimming lessons at Hofstra for quite few years. As far as the brand name goes, no one can beat H. lol, I must be failing as a parent that my kids still have no clue. The other day I ran into an old friend on tennis court and she’s been busy shuttling her kids to weekend tutor school. We used to play together a lot.
“My son’s grades are lousy and I really worried .. I told him you need to get better grade for college .. I’ve seen enough kids graduated from college, can’t find a job, still live at home .. I told him, I’m not going to support you after college..”
Tough love. I need to examine my parenting skills. Get updated and get on, not to hinder my kids’ development. I’m serious, lol .. I dont want to be on the list of the most unfit Asian parent, hahaha.

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