The Academy

They started their summer camp – tutor school – at this academy yesterday for the next 7 weeks. Mon-Thur, 9am to 2:15 pm with 30 minutes of lunch break. Pumpkin came home yesterday beaming, she loves it and King was not. She loves her French teacher there. The academy divides the day in 2 big part, language and math. King said he’s bored. I decided to sent them there due to Kim, whose kids have been attending there for ages.

Kim mentioned that the bus was not air conditioned in the past. But this year the academy uses a brand new mini bus with a/c. But the driver is bit neurotic. There are 7 kids in all in our neighborhood. She made test drive on 7/4, and came early yesterday. The pick up time for us is 8:10. Today the bus showed up at 7:45, due to rainy day’s traffic, the drive claimed. It’s only 15 minutes ride between my home and the academy.

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