1965-sept.JPG 舅舅 吕友仁 and Jiumu 吴庆淑, Sept 1965

Lü (Lv) Youren (1933 Beijing -) is Mom‘s older brother, and my jinx in my younger days: I had no one to fear, except him.  I wasn’t a good eater and to make me eat more, Yeye and Nainai rountingly put up a show – Nainai would chase Yeye around the table trying to beat him up – unless I take one more bit.  Believe me I would become a very good eater when Jiujiu was around.  If I happened to drop a grain of rice, which was often the case, he would make me recite this poem, word by word:

It itched in my mind, till this day, more than Mao’s Snow.

His short lived romance with Lulu is the hot topic that lingered for more than half a century, especially for Lucy.  She regretted that Jiujiu wasn’t out going and made the move courting Lulu who soon dumped him for her teacher, a man who’s mature and knew what girls want.  When Jiujiu and Jiumu came to US, Lucy met her nephew’s wife for the first time, 47 years later.  Lucy loved Jiujiu very much, so she couldn’t wait to ask Jiumu why did she marry him.  Was he a changed man, how and what did he do to pursue her?

“I married him because he had money and a house.”1950-circa-jiujiu-n-lulu.JPG
Lucy was very disappointed. She still kept sporadic correspondences with Lulu, got most news via Meidi. Lulu now lives in Datong, in Shanxi province, a coal mining town few hundred miles west of Beijing. Not sure the state of her marriage, but Lucy said Lulu is regretful not marrying Jiujiu.
“Women’s common mistake, thinking she could always find a better one down the road ..” Not sure it’s true, in this case. Obviously many women fall into this scenario.

L to R: Zhang Jinquan, Misah, Lulu and Jiujiu in Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace.

Zhang Jinquan 张金权 was Misha’s friend.  He became a good friend with Mom due to his g/f in Canton who’s not in the military and had to go thro Mom for communication.

The picture to the right: Jiujiu, Yeye and Jiujiu’s son, Xiao Peng 吕鹏, undated.
2013,光绪 锄禾日当午
2011, Virginia, April 10, at Xu; Lin Zhao 林昭
2003, Beijing Canzheng Hutong
About their residences in Beijing

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