Eat, drink and sleep in it

If you want to be a good trader, you have to live it, said Lisa, a supportive wife of fellow CCIers.  She said I would appreciate it very much.  She’s absolutely on target.  I told her about my English learning experience: early on, I couldn’t even count to ten in English.  To make sure I didn’t miss a 0 or 1, I first counted in Chinese silently then translated the result into English.  Because counting and speaking English are two separate tasks that I was unable to perform simultaneously.  Long ago in Hong Kong, one of my photography buddies asked me which dialect do I think in, Mandarin or Cantonese.  I replied Mandarin.  He said, “no, if you want to learn Cantonese, try to think in Cantonese.”  Now I can do both with ease, accent aside.  It came after years of practice, learning it and doing it.  Same goes with trading. 

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