The Traders Expo 2008

I have long wondered when will Larry Flynt (isn’t that so neat he played the judge in the movie? – love it!) be invited to the party openly – not behind the closed doors, Traders Expo or the likes?  Those two girls at the Expo aren’t Hustler quality, but it’s a good start – the manager of this booth who’s dual citizenship of US/France said he had girls in bikinis in Europe.  Come on, the show goers are most male aged 20-60.  Guess the most prudish Anglos or Puritans came to America .. free spirit only goes so far.  Needing another half century or so to get over the hang-ups?  Hey, how about give some time for China to play catch up game?  They are losening and changing.

It’s great to see Woodie and Neil.  Woodie looks bit frail, and lost his voice on Tuesday –  too many well-attended seminars.  TradeMaven had a booth too.  Woodie’s site use to have a link to it, but due to some politics, it’s no long on the W’s site – over charitable donation issue.  Gossip is not the monopoly of housewives.

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