Lao Mo 老莫

cimg2476.JPG  1960s  cimg2197.JPG 1979 

Before I left Beijing for HK, Auntie Jennie treated me at Moscow Restaurant.  Xiao Yi treated me there when we reunited.. ..  Very few items were available on the menu, and fewer items were appetizing.  Out of nostalgia and nowhere else to go, we went there anyway.  As the years went on from when it first opened its door, there were less and less big nosed Russians or guilao in that matter – not many western Nations had diplomatic relationships with China back then.  The last time I was there in 2003, actually was none – all Chinese.  As China’s been gaining momentum, Lao Mo began attracting new crowds, Chinese and guilao.  Too bad I don’t have any photos salvaged over the years and Cultural Revolution from my parents’ wedding there. .. I really got a kick by taking my kids there :).  They got a kick out of reading the menu – you know the story, the misspellings .. ..

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  1. yizang says:

    you forgot another time we was there with Fanyi in 1985, that time your Gandia was in Xiyuan hotel….we also swim at hotel.

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