I’m good to go

I trekked to the Park Avenue for my implant on a snowy day, a last minor procedure.  Dr. Moss was very happy with his creation, exclaiming, “how nice .. look at it .. It’s worked ..”  Did I mention that he put some real bone, contained in a tiny jar – from died human – or I heard it wrong?  Now I’m wondering the next time when I’m going through JFK’s security gate, will the died man’s bone set off the dectector? 🙂
For some reason, I felt depressed after the minor precedure although I didn’t lose any blood.  Pumpkin gave me a huuuuge hug when I got home, that’s so comforting.  They both fussed around me as if I’m sick or disabled – only two stitches, kids! 
While waiting for my pills at Phymacy, I bought three green color mint lip glosses and two more pots – I’m weird.  Woman in love or pregnant (ok, I never craved for fried ice cream over tuna with soy sauce, just to set record straight) acts irrational, and woman in pain/distress does the same too. 
Dr. Moss didn’t bother to give me any pain killer, only antibio for 6 days, told me that I’m good to go, to see my dentist.  Oh.. lord, more dentist.

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