American Gigolo

Or gigolos in America, pun intended here.  Wunan isn’t something you dish out lightly, but I found it’s cute.  Ballroom dance is for the aged, and in that age category, there are more female than male.  Hence male teachers are more in demand.  I long know it’s common practice that few women have a night out with a male teacher, paying for his fees plus dinner.  He’s obligated to dance the whole night.  A story I heard was one of them once invited few buddies to come.  The guys happily went, thinking there might be a second act, or the least they get to hold the women.  It turned out not so, :)).  .. .. When Xiao Li was still single, we sometimes went out with him to dance.  He’s really a great ballroom dancer.  We usually took him out to Peter Luggers or Mortons for dinner once in a while, but never on the dancing night.  We had good time.  Gosh, where is Xiao Li now?

Last Friday one of my groups had Chinese New Year dinner at Linden Place.  LP is an odd place in Flushing: renaissance decor (don’t look too close!) under a high ceiling, large dancing floor, blushy karaoke bar on the second floor that charges $500 min for a party of 12.  Walk in there during tea time, a sense of tranquility wash over.  When Jenny suggested to have lunch there, she said so.  When LP first opened, it tried to create a club atmosphere, and a membership fee structure.  But that concept never took off, (East Manor tried to go down that route too).  Perhaps location dictates?  And who would pay a premium for a restaurant, not even Michelin rated?  Anyway, when I called to make reservation, asking for a ring side table, was told “I’ll see what I can do .. cause it’s already full.”  Ok, I called too late.  But when we got there, waiters are more than diners, or close: more than half the hall’s empty!  Soon we spotted few wunan (Where’s Xiao Li??).  It’s like time capsule that transports us back to time, 50s or 60s?  Not music wise.  There was this lady in a white spaghetti strap dress and ankle high flat boots, making me think that lord, when I get to that age, I shall remember to cover myself from head to toe – go qipao.  Another younger woman dressed in a black legging, with a light color skirt that looked/shaped like octopus, too cute for my taste.

My right arm is still on DL, and we just got cut a night for badminton, so we’re really thinking to go dance instead.  We’ll see.  By the way, American Gigolo is one of my faves, so is Gere.  I saw it again in Paris which was the un-cut version vs the HK’s, :).

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