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I just firmed up my plan to go to Seattle early next month. It’s Lucy’s first anniversary. I was back and forth with my uncle for the dates and when I informed him that I also wanted to meet up with a trader I met online, he was amused.

After I sent out my flight info, this trader Nicker extended a very generous initiation, that I could trade both days and even welcomed me to stay both nights there – I thought they all live in Bellevue. It turns out the trader’s farm is 45 minutes away from Bellevue.

Uncle Jimmy asked me what’s trader’s address, guess he’s willing to drive me there, lol… the trader even offered to pick me up at the airport and drive me back to my uncles the following day, after the market closes at 1pm. That’s very sincere. My flight doesn’t arrive at Seattle till 11:02pm (where were all those morning or AM flights?), and I’m taking the usual red eye home 2 nights later. I forwarded the trader’s invitation to my uncle with the driving direction, he hasn’t commented on it, yet.

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