Boiler Room

Meeting Nicker, the trader in Seattle was really cool, I got licked, kissed, jumped at, playfully bitten .. by errrr, Moby, one of her three large dogs, aside from watching her in action. She’s far away from the cocky big swing dicks you see on Wall Street. They (her hubby) live on a farm with five horses, she trades and he restores fire engines and sculpt.
“I have never seen a carving knife that I don’t like.”
I have to agree with him, for I have a bigger and more complete tool box than, say a make up box, if I have it at all. I love to make things too. The Thomas train table has been banished to the basement, but the kids are still sleep on the beds I built for them. Pumpkin has asked to have her room painted over, but none of them has asked for a new bed. Never learned carpentry, just thought I’d like to do it and went out did it. In the process, I learned the bit trickery here and there. I suppose it applies to trading futures as well, you learn while doing it, provide you do your home work and have little feel for it. Her hubby mentioned Blink, we had ball talking about it. This book was recommended to me by, well, you guessed it, another trader.

Meeting people online is not that difficult, I am immensely grateful that they opened their heart and home to me. Maybe our encounter is one of the Blink moments? My heart went out to them .. Nicker is not in great health and they might loss their farm .. I don’t see struggle and suffering often and wishing for all of people who have crossed my path, however long or short, living well, happy and fulfilled.

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