cimg1854.JPGDoes this posture remind you of red guard gone mad moment in the 60s during that ten crazy years?  The blizzard is blamed on La Nina, opposite of El Nino.  The officials are softening up, ventured into the crowds, reporting death ..  Good leap forward.  Or it’s just Wen Jiabao himself?  I heard that he doesn’t want to be the PM, but 人在江湖身不由己 

I’m a little hesitate to heed the calls to donate, wondering how a dollar or pound is being sliced: corruption, inexperience to manage.  Red Cross and Tzu Chi would be my choice, even I’m not sure those two would over come the hurdlers to get the resources to the needies, not the middlemen.
Seeing Tzu Chi’s office in Beijing was a surprise, given the fact it started by a Taiwanese monk that still is headquartered there.

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