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Owning a home is the American dream, or so it’s painted that way.  American dream or not, the Yankees do love to live under their own roof.  And talking about home values, sales, renovations, etc. is as popular as talking about sports, especially among the neighbors.  Every year, there are plenty of mailings from the county and the town, in regard to the piece of dirt: general tax, school tax, assessment, STAR (whatever that is!) .. have I missed any thing or anyone?

I got another service bill from Fred Perry for reduceing my 2006 assessment at the appeal level.  On the actual bill, he offered the equation to calculate the savings:

Property Tax = (school rate + general rate) x (assessment x 100)

Omg, this looks like calculus to me. My little dim head starts to spin and my body is covered in cold sweat.  Where do I find my school rate, general rate and assessment? 

I continued to read on [I have no life], found another equation,

Because your tax is $x per $100 of assessment, for each $100 of reduced assessment, your taxes are reduced by $x.

Phew .. my cold sweat subsided.  Looks like the assessment is the magic word in American real estate.  Googling real estate assessment, the top result is the government agency REAC, part of HUD.  There are Assessors of Property to assess the value of real estate for property tax purposes, and there are lawyers like Perry who tries to reduce your tax burden.

I called his office, learned he’s born in 1956 (or 56 years old?), and yes, they can deduct the fee from my refund.

“Pls ignore the bill”. 

So I don’t get sued this time? 

In this little learning voyage, I found every bit info on our county’s web site, includes series of pics [of my home] .. Just wondering what life would be if other government agencies all copy this level of service and efficiency?

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