Global MBA rankings

cimg1828.JPGMBAs are no longer American monopoly.  Even Vladimir got into the game, signing the foundation stone of Skolkovo Biz School in Moscow.  Remembered when Bush was running, MBAs cried out loud, “give us a break ..”  They got one.

This year’s ranking has one of Chinas at 11th, ahead NYU Stern (13th) and Yale (16th), Uni of Oxford Saïd (19th). Oh well ..


1./1./1. UP Wharton, US

2./5./5. London Biz School, UK

3./2./4. Columbia Biz School, US

4./3./3. Stanford Uni GSB, US

5./3./2. Harvard Biz School, US


11./11./21. Ceibs, China

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