18 and 38


I had few minutes to kill, waiting for my mother-in-law who’s with her cardiologist.  So I actually have time to see the difference between a deflected bag (left, red) vs air tight on the right.  Just as I was inspecting, a lady walked over, and asked me why one is soft and one is till hard.  Before I could reply, the 30+ witty stocking clerk cut in, pointing to the green bag, “an eighteen years old girl” and then to the red bag, “a thirty-eight years old woman”.  It took me few seconds to laugh out loud.  He’s right.  But 38 is bit too early.  Why don’t you make it to 48?  He laughed too, “ok, ok, 大笑姑婆 it’s 48.  Happy now?”

Does youth trumps experience?  Once I heard a gf mentioning that one of her male friends complained about young girls he’s been with; swearing “no more virgins.  They’re so boring, don’t know anything .. ”  But I suspect he’s in the minority.  There are two kinds of complain, at least – the grumble and show off ..    The masses are still in love with the younger girls, :)).

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